Wall and ceiling lights


True to its name, the shell-shaped lamp bowl offers a large propagation of light. The powerful LED light with 3000 Kelvin gives this shapely product a wide range of applications. As wall lighting for halls and rooms. Therefore, this lamp offers good lighting for walls and ceilings.

Design: Horst Lettenmayer

From 245€


Height-adjustable pendant lighting fixture with touch dimmer and switching technology. Fluorescent tube can be rotated 360° for targeted lighting. The switching and variable dimming function can be used by touching the pin in the fluorescent tube. The hanging light is suitable for any ceiling height as cable lengths can be individually adjusted. The fluorescent tube is made of brass and subsequently plated in shiny chrome. The geometric counterweight is made of black plastic.

From 720€


This church light was designed for a baroque church with 6 pendant lights in the nave. The LED light has 3 light levels inside the Plexiglas cylinder measuring 150x400mm.
A 10-wire cable is mounted in the suspension pendulum, with which the lamp is controlled and moved up and down. In this way, 10 different lighting programs can be controlled.

Design: Horst Lettenmayer

From 760€


Classic wall lights brighten things up. This light’s decor takes you down the path of your dreams. As a light manufacturer, we don’t just take care of lighting, we also want to create a comfortable atmosphere for you. Spend your next holidays at home.

Design: Horst Lettenmayer

From 560€


Decorative wall light with integrated transformer for two light sources. The exciting design of the lighting provides it with excellent support. A wall and ceiling spotlight that reflects light drawings as a symmetrical pattern on walls while simultaneously covering the floor and ceiling.

Application: can also be used as a directional aid in offices and public buildings. In cinemas, museums, foyers, private entrances and clinics as wall brighteners, and to give bistros and cafés a better ambience.

Design: Horst Lettenmayer

From 260€


Stylish linear fluorescent LED light designed as a modern chandelier in aluminium. Duo light strips with 2400 or 3000 Kelvin bands of light are located within the U-beams. This means the core brightness is distributed without glare on a large spatial volume. Its unobtrusive design provides harmonisation in both classic arcades and modern halls and archways. The power is 88 watts and is infinitely dimmable. The acrylic-covered light bands make this light maintenance-free for up to 50,000 hours. The length of the suspension pendulum can be supplied on customer request.

Design: Gottfried Riesner

From 1900€


Wall and ceiling light with an aesthetic plastic casing (polycarbonate). With one or two arms and a 4-watt LED spot.

Application: whether as a picture light or ceiling spot, this variable and complete light fulfils every requirement. The plastic cylinder can be fixed into drywall ceilings.

Design: Horst Lettenmayer

From 185€