Lectern lights


Lectern, desk or wall lamp with the highest level of precision craftsmanship. Holding brackets come in various shapes and lengths. Either as a plug-in version on lecterns, with mounting collars for installation on walls or for permanent installation on shelves using retaining clamps. Also ideal as a showcase lamp and display panel lighting due to its low current consumption and extremely long service life. Application: picture, menu and desk/lectern lighting.

Application: picture, menu and lectern lighting.

Design: Horst Lettenmayer

From 315€


The solution for non-reflecting light. Due to the inclined position of manuscripts on the lamp housing, the workspace for students is not halved and there are no reflec tions. This angle also facilitates reflection-free reading. The lamp can be dimmed on the housing and switched on and off. A USB charging socket and a 220-volt socket for charging laptops and other devices are installed in the base. The lamp is protected against vandalism.

Design: Horst Lettenmayer

From 519€