Gallery systems

Galerie 2.0

Connected load for high-voltage lamps 110 – 230 V as well as for low-voltage operation (LED). Installed as a basic fitting all around rooms in the wall-ceiling joint, paintings can be hung at all heights and distances. At the same time, the electricity for a painting lamp is also conducted. The suspension pendants made of 6-mm round aluminium are available in different lengths. By simply turning them 90°, they are locked in the busbar slot and suppli ed with electricity. The load of each pendant is 5 kg. For higher loads, several pendants should be u sed where necessary. A heightadjustable picture hook is mounted at the lower end of each pen dant. With this equipment, you can custom decorate and illuminate each vernissage. Ideal for walls with wood panelling or fabric covering.

Design: Horst Lettenmayer

From 216€