Light for the future ®

True to its company slogan – Light for the Future® – betec has enjoyed an excellent international reputation as an innovative lamp manufacturer for 40 years. Its founder and chief designer, Horst Lettenmayer, as chairman of the board, is leading the company together with his successor, Ms Julia-Alina Lettenmayer, as a board member, into a new age of lighting.

The forward-thinking decision taken at an early stage to follow individual demands for design and technology instead of the universal trend was the basis for the success that continues to this day.

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The wide variety of different designer lamps, each dominating in its respective technical substance, was already clear from the company’s first product after its establishment. The “Clarus” painting lamp was a revolution in lighting in a minimalist guise. Already a cult product, distinguished by being covered by German Kunstschutz (protection of art) as well as its renowned international design awards.

Further developments focused on lighting for living spaces, offices and bathrooms, as well as light to showcase architecture. And thus came lamps to brighten up all these areas with “Light for the future®”. Our efforts to carry on producing lights as individual hand-crafted pieces, to take the customer’s personal wishes into account, and to use carefully selected materials runs contrary to the current trend – quantity over quality.




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