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Project Description

design: Horst Lettenmayer
Bus bar: 16 Amp. Power input for high-voltage lights 110-230V and also low-voltage operation (LED). As part of the basic infrastructure mounted
around the wall and ceiling joints, paintings can be hung at any height and distance. At the same time, electricity is supplied to the lights. An anti theft
device can be installed upon request. The suspension rods, made of 6 mm round-bar aluminium, are available in different lengths and white colour.
With a simple 90° turn they are locked into the bus bar and electrically contacted. Each rod has a maximum load capacity of 5kg. A height-adjustable
picture hook is mounted at the bottom end of each suspension rod. This equipment allows you to individually decorate, illuminate and secure each
Gallery opening. This would otherwise not be possible on walls with wood panelling or fabric covering.

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