Table lights


As a light pedestal for accentuated room lighting or as an object spotlight for three-dimensional art. Contemporary lighting design lives and breathes on the contrast of light and dark. Optical focal points are thereby emphasised with light.

Application: table or wall lamp.

Design: Horst Lettenmayer

Obelisk 1200

The emphasis on spatial atmosphere can be significantly improved with light. With this gracious pillar of light, walls can be brightened or silhouettes created in a targeted manner. All the power components are housed in the cone base of the lamp. Application: office, object, shop window, and stand lighting lamps for modern sculptures and large paintings.

Design: Horst Lettenmayer

Acus Office

A piece of minimised technology. Aesthetics in motion and workmanship. Clear relationships as to form and functionality. The lamp is attached to the table-top with an elaborately developed, patented clamping foot. The light stand can be raised or lowered as desired. The fluorescent tube‘s inclination is fully adjustable from a horizontal to a vertical position. In addition, the fluorescent tube, and therefore the light output can be rotated by 140°. All electronic components as well as the switch are located as a ballast inside the thickened fluorescent tube. The wiring is 2.5 metres in length. Two rocker arms on the lamp make assembly tools unnecessary. The elegant, handmade lamp is destined to be a classic.

Design: Horst Lettenmayer


An unusual table lamp. The light, which is emitted lengthwise, can be adjusted by turning the fluorescent tubes as desired. Application: lighting objects such as collections and decorations.

Design: Horst Lettenmayer

Centre oú

Art needs to be positioned well in a room to be effective. At the same time, the art requires special lighting. The purpose of this source of light is to place the work of art centrally for the viewer. Art does not follow light, but rather light follows art. Sculptures or pictures shape the room with their structure, colour and relief. Their effect is emphasised with this light effigy – from a warmly dimmed glow to bright white floodlights. Harmony of art and light to perfection. The brightness can be adjusted via a dimmer control.

Design: Horst Lettenmayer

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