A complete lighting system with integrated transformer for a power rail of a maximum of 2 m, which is snapped into the aesthetically shaped cover casing with a clip. The position of the conductor in the casing varies. Centralised or protruding left-right. The standard Lux 1 spot has a joint that can be tilted by 180°. You willget version 2 with our Lux 3 spot, which brightens all areas with a double gimbal joint. Application: lighting system for low ceilings, small rooms such as children’s rooms, corridors, cloakrooms, stairwells; can also be used as a decorative wall light in cinemas or on columns.

Design: Horst Lettenmayer

From 402€


As far as its conductivity and light output capability is concerned, our Galaxis system is the smallest low-voltage track lighting system on the market. The circular conductor with a diameter of 15 mm integrates two conductor profiles with nickel-plated or gold-plated surface with a single cross-section of 55 mm². This allows long-term system operation without a drop in voltage. Individual rails can be mechanically and electrically connected using connector pins or coupling shells. The toroidal transformer with 300 VA integrated in the system acts as a voltage source (dimmability is limited). Two triangular plates are used to supply power to the rail and for optimal adjustment within the room.

From 466€